Dr. Samuli Kangaslampi


Position: Postdoctoral Researcher

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Twitter: @Kangaslampi

My Website: @Kangaslampi.net

My name is Samuli Kangaslampi and for 2023-2024 I am a postdoctoral researcher at the Department of Neuropsychology and Psychopharmacology. I'm on research leave from a permanent position as university/senior lecturer in clinical psychology at Tampere University, Finland, where I completed my PhD. I'm also a licensed clinical psychologist, vice chairperson of the Finnish Psychotrauma Society and board member of the Finnish Association for Psychedelic Research.

Most of my previous research has focused on psychological trauma, trauma-related disorders, trauma-focused psychotherapies, as well as autobiographical memory. However, I've had a keen research interest in psychedelics for a long time and now at Maastricht, I'm hoping to bring my expertise in clinical and cognitive psychology fully to the psychedelic research field. In my postdoctoral work, I'm focusing on the acute and post-acute effects of psychedelics on autobiographical memory recall and other memory functions as well as on exploring the (perhaps surprising) similarities between traumatic and psychedelic experiences.

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