Aedan O’Shea, MSc


Position: PhD candidate

Email: aedan.oshea(@)

Instagram: @aedanalog

My name is Áedán O’Shea and I'm part of a project directed by the Centre for Integrative Neuroscience (CIN). The project is titled ‘Novel behavioral and molecular biosignatures for future patient stratification in psychedelic medicine’.

I previously completed my BSc. Pharmaceutical Healthcare in TU Dublin, before joining the Research Master in Cognitive and Clinical Neuroscience, Drug Development and Neurohealth in UM.

I have a long standing interest in unravelling the therapeutic mechanisms of Psychedelics, and in this project I will investigate the effect of Psychedelic drug exposure in humans on miRNA’s transported in neuron-derived Extracellular Vesicles (Exosomes).

This will be performed under the supervision of Jacco Briede (FHML), Jan Ramaekers (FPN) and Rudy Schreiber (FPN). Through this, we aim to gain insight to the involved molecular pathways that underpin the therapeutically relevant effect of increased neuroplasticity and identify future transdiagnostic applications of these compounds.

Outside of the lab, I enjoy photography and cycling my bike through the hills of Limburg!

Aedan O’Shea, MSc pimaastricht
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