Dr. Pim Heckman


Position: Assistant Professor

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I am a translational memory researcher, connecting behavioral observations to neurobiological foundations through the combined use of animal and human studies. I focus on both conscious (hippocampus) and unconscious (basal ganglia) memory. Although I began my scientific career studying daytime memory consolidation processes, this is only half the story of how the brain forms memories. To me, the most interesting part of memory formation became the consolidation during sleep and the memory problems that follow from sleep loss. And so, my research has focused on investigating the memory function of sleep. My ultimate goal is to restore persistent accessibility to “lost” memories for everyone with (sleep loss-induced) amnesia using clinically-applicable techniques. To this end, I study pharmacological, subliminal, non-invasive brain stimulation, and optogenetic approaches. I am also an advocate for realizing a consensus roadmap for a new diagnostic framework for mental disorders following transdiagnostic as well as precision medicine initiatives.

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