Katharina Lege, MSc


Position: PhD candidate

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Twitter: @KatharinaLege

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Coming from a background of psychology and clinical neuroscience, I developed a strong interest in altered states of the mind as in mediation or yoga practices. During my masters at the OVGU Magdeburg in Germany, my fascination with psychedelic research grew, particularly through my thesis on understanding the role of LSD in psychotherapeutic interventions by studying functional connectivity changes. This work not only ignited my passion for neuroimaging but also fueled my desire to contribute to translational psychotherapeutic approaches. Driven by the possibilities that drug research offers us when it comes to exploring the human brain and its behavior, I found my way to Maastricht University. Currently, I am a PhD candidate in psychopharmacology, investigating the impact of cannabinoids on brain functions using neuroimaging techniques and metabolomics. While such substances can have both beneficial and harmful effects, my personal interest lies in uncovering addictive mechanisms, as well as exploring their therapeutic potential.

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