Henry Whitfeld, MSc


Position: PhD candidate

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Twitter: @Psychflex

Website: Psychflex.co.uk

After being a psychological therapist with 20years experience in trauma work and mindfulness-informed approaches, I am now a researcher investigating how psychedelic experiences and psychotherapeutic protocols interact. I developed a new form of psychedelic retreat integrating the psychedelic experience with behavioural science support, am author of a new integral model of psychedelic-assisted therapy and have spent over three and a half years collecting quantitative and qualitative data investigating how psilocybin and behavioural processes interact for lasting therapeutic benefit. To process daily quantitive data I now uses statistics newly adapted to find statistical significance at the level of the individual, moving towards precision medicine. I also a passionate integrative thinker with many publications on integrating diverse therapeutic models, pushing to unite all therapy schools into one subject. I have also presented papers and research findings at many conferences including Insight MIND FOUNDATION (Berlin), Interdisciplinary Conference for Psychedelic Research (ICPR; Netherlands), Breaking Convention (Exeter, UK). I have also appeared in invited presentations, podcasts, printed news and TV, to help disseminate such knowledge to both the general public and professionals. Most recently the Sunday Times newspaper (2022) and GB News TV (2023).

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