Dr. C. Rob Markus


Position: Professor Neuropsychology

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I am a Professor of Neuropsychology and Psychopharmacology at Maastricht University with a particular interest in brain biochemical processes that relate to stress-induced / adaptation-related psychopathology (cognitive-affective disorders). After working as a therapist in several institutions, I completed my study Experimental Psychology, worked in teaching and research and completed a PhD in Experimental-biological Psychology at Utrecht University, The Netherlands. After fulfilling several positions at universities and research-companies, I became an expert on the relation between stress, brain (gene) vulnerability and the development of cognitive-affective complaints/disorders as well as in testing (claims about) dietary treatment/assessment methods. Besides my research, teaching, and supervising/managing duties, I also have a career in teaching Psychology as well as in training communication- and managerial skills.

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