Internship opportunities are available for students enrolled in internal (and Maastricht University) or external master programs (anywhere in the world).

Students interested to participate in research with psychedelics, novel psychoactive substances and cannabis (PIs Jan Ramaekers, Kim Kuypers, Eef Theunissen, Natasha Mason and several Ph.D. students) can send their application/motivation letter and CV to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. We are receiving many internship requests, and places are limited. We organize interviews with master students twice a year to check eligibility and availability.

For internships starting in September-November we request to to submit your application before May.

For internships starting in January-March we request to apply before November.

  • We can only accept intern students who are enrolled as master students during the period of their internship.
  • We can only accept intern students who can spend a minimum of 4 months for their internship (preferably even 6 months).
  • We will only reply if you’ve sent us a CV and letter of motivation and fulfill the criteria above
  • If admissible, we will send a reply and further instructions in April/September
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