Dr. Conny Quaedflieg


Position: Assistant Professor

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Twitter: @ConnyQuaedflieg

My name is Conny Quaedflieg and I am working as an assistant professor at the department of Neuropsychology and Psychopharmacology. Everyone knows how it feels to be stressed. My curiosity for the effects of stress on the brain and may lead to psychopathology initialized my scientific career in 2010. Through my extensive research experience, I have built expertise in various disciplines (psychology, psychophysiology, neurosciences) and I have become enthusiastic about bridging them. I am a member of the international Global Collaboration on Traumatic Stress and a board member of STRESS-NL. Stress-NL consortium envisions that combining forces between researchers across the Netherlands ranging from preclinical to clinical stress research is needed to advance our knowledge and the stress field as a whole. My end goal is to contribute to the development of novel theory-driven intervention methods for stress-related disorders.

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