Hongyu Zhao, MSc


Position: PhD candidate

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Twitter: @Hongyu_Hailey

Instagram: @hailey.333444

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My name is Hongyu, and I am a researcher from China. After completing my undergraduate degree in anesthesiology and obtaining a master's degree in psychiatry from a prestigious medical university in China, I am currently pursuing a doctoral degree at the Faculty of Psychology and Neuroscience in Maastricht University. My primary research focus revolves around investigating effective methods to improve human memory following sleep deprivation. To explore this area, I am actively studying two potential approaches: the utilization of PDE4 inhibitors and the implementation of subliminal presentations. To evaluate the feasibility of these strategies, I am conducting experiments involving the administration of drugs to sleep-deprived mice, and delivering subliminal presentations to individuals experiencing sleep deprivation. My aspiration is that this research endeavor will yield valuable insights pertaining to the enhancement of memory in individuals who experience sleep deprivation and potentially facilitate the development of clinical interventions within this field.

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